From New York to Nicaragua…..And Back -

Here’s the Blog Situation

This blog is the random bits, pieces and posts that have happened AFTER we returned to New York City  from our 10 month trip to Central America (We returned March 2008). This is generally current ramblings and nonsense from where we are at today.

We have time capsuled the Nicaragua blog (start from the beginning if you want) but you can still see all the creatures, countries and travel tales if you want to kill some time reading about it. We sublet our rented apartment in New York City and moved to Nicaragua in July 2007 where we lived and worked at a hostel until we left Nicaragua in November 2007 to travel Central America.

Over the next few months we traveled to Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, & Mexico before returning to NYC in March 2008.

The trip was awesome and we survived infected bug bites, stolen passports, crazy bus drivers on mountain passes, grilled frog lunches and a wide variety of average to poor beer and excellent to terrible food.

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